I am a Seattle-based user experience designer.

I enjoy diving into uncertainty and creating solutions that facilitate users' navigation--and ultimately experiences--with various products and services. Being a UX designer means I get to create, communicate, and solve complex issues to improve lives. Currently, I am a research assistant with Facebook Reality Labs (formerly Oculus) conducting user studies in the spatial audio realm.

In a past life I was a research technician designing, fabricating, and building small parts on a plasma thruster as part of the NASA NextSTEP program (if you are thinking deep space missions to Mars, you aren't far off).  Before my flight into aerospace, I was a professional bicycle mechanic and manager in various capacities. Design and user experience in both industries were underlying threads that led me to where I am now. 

If you would like to chat about design trends and the current state of UX, discuss projects and possible collaborations, I would love to connect. I am also learning Japanese!